Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we are sharing ways to run Online ABC Learning Design workshops.

Online ABC LD

Online ABC LD

The ABC to VLE project team has been thinking about how ABC Learning Design workshops can be run online, given the current health situation around the world putting a halt to our face to face workshops. While we consider this, we wanted to link to some examples of how people are already running these online. If you know of any other examples, please do let us know via the contact form or Twitter @ABC_LD.

In 2021 and 2022 we facilitated ABC LD workshops online, here are the resources we use to facilitate the workshops:


Webinar: Running ABC LD Online,  27th May 2020

Webinar Recording: Running ABC Learning Design Online


Ideas for running an online version of ABC Learning Design:

ABC LD for Schools

  • Remote learning options – ABC cards for schools by Jane Waite, Chair of Computing At School (CAS) Research Working Group, Teaching Fellow, IOC & Communicating and Teaching Computing, Queen Mary University of London

  • Online Learning Designer suite (spreadsheet canvas for learning design and web interface for visualisation) by François Jourde, Digital Education Coordinator at the European Schools (Belgium) and Erwan Gallenne, Computer science teacher, digital education coordinator, software developer (France).

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