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ABC Toolkit Part 7 – Community

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Part 7 Community: the future of ABC LD

ABC Toolkit Part 7 - Community

Part 7. The ABC LD Community (PDF 6 pages)


During the final (online) meeting of the Erasmus+ project  in June 2020, one partner remarked that the ‘Toolkit’ was more than simply a set of downloadable guides, resources, tools and videos, it is a co. Although we know of universities that have adopted ABC LD and have not contacted UCL or any other current user, the Toolkit artefacts themselves take on more value if they are placed in the context of shared professional practice. New users are recommended to discuss with UCL or other partners to form a better understanding of ABC LD and the ethos behind it. In the next stage of ABC LD, the partnership hopes to develop a structure of national information ‘hubs’, local online communities, and an international conference to share ideas and resources. A method of ‘badging’ facilitators to recognise their skills and experience has already been planned. Above all we anticipate that users of the Toolkit will wish to join the wider community, not only to gain ideas and updates, but to contribute to it themselves.

The underpinning pedagogy of ABC LD is the ‘Conversational Framework’ and the workshop in both live and online formats is also essentially a conversation. We hope the international ABC LD community will evolve into a global conversation, not only about ABC LD, which is just one method, but about the importance of learning design to build effective and engaging educational experiences.

ABC Toolkit Part 7 - Community

ABC LD reported use in Europe June 2020

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