Videos from the ABC community

Most of our older videos can be found on this YouTube playlist. Here are some recent ones from the community and our co-developers.

Co-Create Courses with ABC Learning Design | Moodle Academy (2023)

During this webinar  recording you will learn how the ABC Learning Design method is used to co-create Moodle Academy courses.

Aligning ABC Learning Design with Moodle: Introducing the APT methodology (2022)

Richard Osborne (UCL) & Clive Young (UCL) presenting at MoodleMoot Global 2022, Barcelona.

ABC Learning Design – Storyboard the Student Journey with MURAL (2022)

This is an intro to the Mural online implementation.

ABC Learning Design (2022)

Three teacher trainers from Kenyan universities are answering the question of How has the ABC Learning Design method helped you in designing a course? Part of the Totemk project.

A review and evaluation the ABC learning design methodology in ATU Donegal (2022)

Dr Bronagh Heverin at the Re-Imagining Assessment Symposium.

Tvorba a úprava kurzů a předmětů pomocí ABC learning design – 1 – příprava na workshop Trans: Creation and modification of courses and subjects using ABC learning design – 1 – preparation for the workshop (2022)

From the Institute of Histology and Embryology, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague.

Digital ABC Learning Design using Airtable (2021)

Set of 7 videos From i3hs Hub (Teaching Healthcare Science) at the University of Manchester.

ABC Learning Design – Moodle Academy (2021)

An interactive webinar from Moodle Academy, the learning hub for the global community.

Designs on the Future: Applying the ABC Learning Design Framework Online (2021)

Webinar facilitated by the DCU Teaching Enhancement Unit to Identify what ABC Learning Design is and how it has evolved internationally in recent years; adapt and apply the DCU approach to online ABC Learning Design at own institution and access practical guidance for planning and facilitating this online workshop.

Introduction to Pedagogy and Training Design (2021)

ABC introduced as part of the EU FAIRsFAIR project