Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we are sharing ways to run Online ABC Learning Design workshops.

ABC LD Tool Wheel

The ABC LD Tool Wheel (aka App Wheel) maps the tools used by academics within a particular institution to the six ABC learning types. Some of these examples and further ideas for supporting staff to implement their designs are featured on the ABC Design to Implementation page.

The partners of the ABC to VLE Erasmus+ project have shared their Tool Wheels to help others to create their own that are localised to their own institutions. The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Learning Management System (LMS) you use will often dictate the supported tools available within the institution. Therefore these Tool Wheels are listed by VLE/LMS, to help you choose the one most relevant to your own institutional needs.

The Tool Wheels are usually divided into three sections (from the inside out):

  • Institutionally support tools, such as those available within or integrated with the VLE/LMS;
  • Recommended tools;
  • Recognised tools.

Moodle Tool Wheels and Packs

  • DCU ABC to VLE+ Tool Wheel Support Package v4 (zip 116MB) –

    This file contains video, poster, editable resources, and instructions for the Dublin City University ‘ABC to VLE+ App Wheel’ which has been specifically developed to support staff with the implementation of their designs. Using the six learning activity types within ABC Learning Design as a basis, this wheel provides online support and guidance on tools available within the Moodle (or ‘Loop’) VLE and beyond. Start by reading the Support Package Overview to explore the different components of the package and find out how the various wheel formats can be edited.

  • App Wheels for each learning type (French, pdf 1.3MB)
    Sorbonne University, France has developed an app wheel for each of the 6 learning types which shows the relevant Moodle tools, recommended and possible tools.

Canvas Tool Wheels

  • Canvas ABC App Wheel (.pptx 244KB)
    This editable Tool Wheel shows the tools available within Canvas alongside other tools used at the University of Oxford. Kindly shared by ABC to VLE associate partners Dr. Liz Masterman and Stephen Burholt, University of Oxford.

Interactive and other Tool Wheels

  • Interactive Danish digital tool wheel
    University College Absalon, Sorø, Denmark have developed an interactive tool wheel that demonstrates how
    digital and analogue learning activities correspond to the six learning types. Choose the learning type from the right-hand menu and see which tools can be used for that type of learning.

  • VIVES Interactive App Wheel of Technologies (Flemish) Flier (pdf, 1.2MB) / Vives App Wheel (English) Flier (pdf, 7.2MB)
    VIVES, Belgium created an interactive Tool Wheel of Technologies within the Institutional Intranet. The fliers above describe how users can click on the Learning type selected in the ABC LD process to view a list of available tools for that learning type. The wheel shows the level of support staff will receive when using that technology, along with direct links to support materials.

  • Diagrama ABC to VLE (Romanian) (pdf, 1MB)
    Politehnica University Timisoara in Romania, use their institutional Virtual Campus to host this interactive Tool Wheel, which shows learning technologies in a simple table with links to further information, tutorials and videos explaining how to use the technology in an educational setting. The internal version is displayed on a web page within the university’s Virtual Campus, however, the example linked above is the public facing pdf version, to show others what it looks like.

UCL tool wheel

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