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      ABC Learning Design International groupJess Gramp

      Please introduce yourself to the others in the ABC International community group.

      In this group we aim to:

      • discuss and share the pedagogic opportunities of learning design;
      • investigate and research key concerns, such as transferring designs into activities in the learning environment; and
      • share best practice across the community at large.

      Although we focus on the ABC Learning Design method, this forum welcomes discussion around the use of other complementary and alternative methods of learning design.

      How are you using ABC or other learning design methods?

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      ABC Learning Design International groupRobert Pardo Silva

      I´m Robert Pardo, Director of the staff development centre of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Santiago, Chile. Back in 2016, thanks to Dilly Fung, we got in contact with Natasa Perovic and Clive Young, who visited us at the end of that year. At that time, we also made the Spanish translation of the ABC-LD resources.

      Since then, we are regularly giving the workshop at the university, as part of our academic development efforts, and I´ve also had the opportunity of giving it at other universities in Chile, and abroad in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

      We are thankful of the work done by Clive and Natasa, and I´m eager to participate and learn from the experience of the community.

      Kind regards

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      ABC Learning Design International groupElise

      Hello! I am Elise, Educator at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.
      Back in October 2018, Natasa Perovic trained me to deliver the ABC LD workshop. This hands-on approach has worked fabulously to bring innovation to our surgical courses!
      We have met Clive Young and Natasa since then and they have been really encouraging for us to adapt the model to the surgical education specificities.

      I am very keen to hear from your learning design experiences and I am happy to share ours!
      When we create courses, we use a Design Thinking method to make sure the end user is at the heart of the process.

      My languages of work are English, Spanish and French (my mother tongue).

      Looking forward to being in touch with you,

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      ABC Learning Design International groupTuija Marstio

      Hi everybody, I am Tuija Marstio, Expert in Digtal Pedagogy at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland. We are just about to launch ABC-LD workshops to be delivered to the whole staff, about 350 lecturers. This training is part of launching a new LMS (Canvas) . The idea is to use this pedagogical method to make sure that the courses are not just copy-pasted to the new platform. We are looking after a pedagogical renewal and upgrade. The first workshops will take place end of January and we are quite excited to see how they turn out…
      My working languages are Finnish, English and Spanish. We have modified the cards to fit in to our pedagogical approach (Learning by Developing). Looking forward to exchanging with you all!

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      ABC Learning Design International groupNataša

      Dear all,

      Welcome to our forum!

      It is great that you are finding ABC LD useful. Please give us a shout if you have any questions and keep us posted about your progress with ABC. And please tag us @ABC_LD, if you are tweeting pictures from your workshops. It is always nice to see them. If you are developing any additional resources for your learning design frameworks, please share with us, too.

      Different institutions use ABC LD in different ways. We found so far that ABC has been used for:

      – Learning Design – blended programmes, MOOCs, CPD
      – Strategic Development – Connected Curriculum, digital capabilities, assessment, student input
      – Academic Development –HEA, share practice, case studies
      – Review of technical and support environment – VLE review, gap analysis, service provision, ‘app wheel’
      – Quality Assurance –design and review, CPD
      – Analytics – data points for ‘in-flight’ feedback and review
      – Cross-institutional/multidisciplinary
      – Digital capabilities for staff and students

      If you use ABC in a different way, please let us know, it would be great to learn more about it.

      Please check whether your institution is tagged on the map of institutions using ABC LD. If you are not there, please let me know and I will add your institution to the map

      Best to all!



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      ABC Learning Design International groupRubina



      I am Rubina Pasha. A Singaporean teacher currently working in a Y1-12 school in Jakarta where students sit for CAIE exams in Y10 and Y12.

      Stumbled upon the Diana Laurillard’s 6 Learning Types and on searching further attended ABC-VLEs webinars .

      I like the student-centred aspect of technology that i was not satisfied with SAMR nor Apple’s elements of learning; although both systems have their merits.

      Intend to coach some Y7 teachers in the learning design methods in a few weeks  ( 1h weekly ) for about 10 weeks to acclimatise the teachers to the process.


      Looking forward to sharing and learning from all!


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      ABC Learning Design International groupIlonka Rebergen


      I am Ilonka Rebergen and I’m a teacher at MBO College Airport, a secondary vocational education institute in the Netherlands. During the lockdown(s), I found that out that there are some real benefits in online/blended learning, teaching and education and I was introduced to the EMBED maturity model. I’m aiming to get our institute on the path of blended education and keep the good online practises we developped and mix that with the face2face education we will again offer after the pandemic is over. While doing the MOOC ‘Making blended education work’ @Edi university, I stumbled across the ABC LD method and was very impressed with the hands on way of getting the team(s) to look at and redesign their programmes. As I was so enthousiastic, one of our teams got infected by that and now want me to help them redesign their courses next week (OMG moment)…

      So I’ve been reading up on blogs, watching video’s and contacting people around the world to prepare myself for next Tuesday, after which we will also start to put everything in Canvas (our new LMS).

      Looking forward to hearing your best practises and pointers and grow and learn together!

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      ABC Learning Design International groupKarl

      Hi there,

      My name is Karl Gimblett and I’m an Educational Developer with the Centre for Innovation in Education at the University of Liverpool.

      My new department uses the ABC approach and so I’m really keen to find out as much as I can about it to bring me up to speed. Also, having spent a short while researching ABC I’m already very excited about discovering more.

      Looking forward to sharing and exploring with you all.


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      ABC Learning Design International groupJohn Kuti

      Hello learning designers!

      I’m a teacher of English for Academic and Special purposes (for speakers of other languages), in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I’ve joined here because I’m just starting to study the new course in Moodle Academy about ABC-LD.

      Last year I taught a short course about the design of online learning and, as part of that, we looked at the Conversational Framework and the learning designer website. Here’s the plan of that lecture and related self-study tasks.

      This year I hope to repeat the course, or something similar, and include a workshop on ABC-LD.

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      ABC Learning Design International groupHåkan Fleischer

      Hi everyone,

      Im new to the group/network. My name is Håkan Fleischer. Im a phd in education science. I work at Gothenburg university as a pedagogical developer. This spring I will hold my first workshops on the ABC-method. I find it quite exciting and interesting.

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