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Design of the edX-MOOC ‘Sustainable food processing'(KU Leuven, Belgium)


Institution: KU Leuven (Erasmus+ ABC to VLE project partner)

Description: Design of the MOOC ‘Sustainable food processing’

Authors: Ine Rens, KU Leuven MOOC team (Annelies Calmeyn, Lien Castelein, Stef Stes Remco van Schadewijk, Elke Van der Stappen, Koen Vanderhoeven, Kenny Verbeke)

Date: October 2019

Course details:

The MOOC ‘Sustainable food processing’ is developed by a multidisciplinary course team from the Faculty of Bio-Engineering (KU Leuven, Belgium). The MOOC will be run completely online on the KU Leuven edX channel, and will be integrated in a blended format in different Bachelor courses.

Case Study

Context of change

The MOOC team has been using the ABC design since 2 years and integrated it in the development process of a MOOC. ABC creates a common language between the MOOC team and the course team, and outlines the design of the MOOC.

The MOOC ‘Sustainable food processing’ is an initiative from the Faculty of Bio-Engineering (KU Leuven, Belgium).

ABC workshop plan

Before ABC takes place the course team has already taken some steps: they have had an intake with the MOOC team, and worked out the ‘About’-page (including a description of the MOOC, the prerequisites, and the learning goals for each module). This step in the workflow is the first ‘quality gate’ the course team has to pass before they can go on to the next step: the ABC design.

Workflow diagram (development process, including quality gates)

The ABC materials were slightly adapted to fit the characteristics of a MOOC (see video & below), the scenario remained quite similar. In this case study different teachers worked separately on their own modules, in other cases the whole course team works on the whole of the MOOC.

ABC for MOOCs_KU Leuven

ABC for MOOCs_storyboard_KU Leuven

The workshop is given by the MOOC team, which consists of three KU Leuven units: the Educational Development Unit, the Leuven Institute for Media and Learning, and the central IT office.

What was actually done

The MOOC is now being developed, based on the ABC design. Some learning activities are less applicable for a MOOC: for example, ‘production’ or ‘collaboration’ are rarely or never chosen, as they are difficult to organize in a MOOC.

What support was required/provided

The course team can rely on the support of the MOOC team during the entire process (6-9 months on average). This includes (besides the ABC design): a private course on the edX platform, video training, platform training (for working in edX), feedback on test video and test module, support in creation of exercises and assessment tasks, …

Scalability and transferability

The ABC design is part of the MOOC development process, followed by every course team in the creation of a MOOC.

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