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ABC to VLE Case study – Workshop Kolding

 “Thanks to the ABC methodology we were kindly nudged to rethink our learning design from what turned out being a very stereotype way of teaching to becoming an interesting blend of various learning activities. 


Institution: University College Absalon  

Description: University College Absalon was contacted by IBA International Business Academy Kolding to conduct an ABC workshop for teaching staff mid 2019. 

Authors: Svend Tveden-Nyborg & Anders Thiel 

Date: 20 February 2020 

Course details: 2 groups of 15 teachers and managers participated in an obligatory workshop introducing the ABC methodology to the participants for the first time. The workshop was cross disciplined, and participants worked in groups. 

Course goals/learning outcomes: The goal with the workshop was to introduce a new learning design methodology onto IBA staff as part of a strategic plan to improve current learning designs among teachers.  

Case Study 

ABC workshop participants

The ABC workshop provided a new logic to learning design that proved very clear and useful to our specific needs. 

 Context of change 

Through our network we learnt that University College Absalon had worked quite a bit on implementing ABC as a curriculum design tool with quite great success and we therefore ask Svend and his team to help us out on establishing and conducting an ABC workshop at the IBA. The workshop was primarily motivated by an institutional strategy to find a method that could help with structuring course design in a phase where we had much focus on implementing new blended learning elements in much of our teaching and having done the ABC workshop.”, Søren Bladt (IBA).  

ABC workshop plan 

The ABC workshop was adjusted to last 180 minutes following the localised Danish ABC version with the following timeline: 

  • 15 min – Introduction to the ABC method 
  • 30 min – Module description 
  • 30 min – Choice of learning objectives 
  • 15 min … break  
  • 20 min – Choice of technologies 
  • 15 min – Evaluation  
  • 10 min – Comparison of storyboard (before and after) 
  • 15 min – Action plan 
  • 15 min – Round up including feedback on ABC method 

The two workshops were facilitated by University College Absalon (Erasmus partners) and did not include other external experts. 

ABC design 

The ABC workshops used the developed ABC material found in the localised Danish folder. 

What was actually done 

The two workshops were conducted to test the quality of the localised Danish version with regards to potential changes in format and length. The outcome was to keep the developed format as is. 

Impact and evaluation 

We had hoped that the entire method or elements of it could be included in the planning process where lectures would work around planning their courses. After the workshop we actually substantial amount of positive feedback on the workshop, but unfortunately, we did not really witness the amount of change we had hoped for going forward – even though some courses and some lectures have started using ABC as a design method.”, Søren Bladt (IBA) 

It changed the way that we plan our teaching where we are now more focused on the cross-discipline creation of cases and exercises and making a semester plan around the particular case where we then have a lot of different exercises over the semester for students.”, Lucy Gabrielsen (IBA). 

Successes and lessons learnt 

We see quite a significant potential in formalizing the ABC work in order for us to create a common vision and language around a course design and we have therefore asked Svend and his team at Absalon to guide us through another round of the ABC method and we have now decided that we will use the ABC method as the curriculum design tool at the IBA in order to create this accommodation in language when working around the course design., Søren Bladt (IBA). 


So I do believe that the ABC method can be used in different of or example the IBA in Kolding. It gives us the added edge that we are more practice-based and get right down into the skills part of learning goals rather than just the knowledge part and this is the fundamental part of what students need when they come out into the future careers.”, Lucy Gabrielsen (IBA). 

Scalability and transferability 

We are rather confident this will provide active and better learning outcomes for our students are going forward.”, Søren Bladt (IBA) 

“I would highly recommend it and would be using it in the future like I am now developing more materials.”, Lucy Gabrielsen (IBA). 


 ABC cards in Danish  ABC LD workshop sharing designs


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